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collage of weddings at enchanted valley farm


Enchanted Valley Farm is the newest and most magical premier wedding and event venue servicing Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Enchanted Valley Farm hosts weddings and events full of magic and wonder.  We have put immense thought and vision into designing Enchanted Valley Farm to make sure it is so unique that it stands out and above any other you will find. 


Outdoor Event Venue

The big bright red and white all wood barn at Enchanted Valley Farm shines out amidst the deep green ranch surrounded by spring fed creeks and fields. Enchanted Valley Farm’s grounds are an amazing location for an outdoor ceremony, boasting 2 large patios draped in string lighting.  The landscaping is extravagantly designed and manicured, combined with a stone walkway to the arched bridge overlooking one of the beautiful spring flowing creeks.

bride kissing groom in outdoor wedding ceremony
bride standing in front of mirror

string lights on barn venue
bride in lace gown standing on stairs

it’s all

in the details

Your experience will be further enhanced with a large Victorian bride’s room at the top of the grand staircase and a full size groom’s room. To top it all off, you can experience a horse drawn carriage for the most dramatic of entrances or exits. At Enchanted Valley Farm, your experience will be filled with magic and wonder. Contact us today to schedule a tour or book your event date.



For bookings or to schedule a venue tour, contact Enchanted Valley Farm today!